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At STD Testing Sioux Falls, we know that the decision to get tested can be a difficult but important one. We value your privacy and guarantee quick, accurate, and confidential testing. All of our testing locations offer a variety of tests, so no one will know why you’re there.

We can test for a variety of STDs, including those listed below. Please note that if you’re sexually active, testing is a vital part of your sexual health. Several STDs are often asymptomatic. Because so many STDs do not exhibit symptoms, testing is critical to your health. Many of our tests can be done simultaneously, making testing convenient and fast.

Once you get your results, our STD Counselors will talk with you about treatment options, if applicable, and answer any questions you have about your diagnosis.


Our chlamydia testing procedure requires only a small urine sample, making it painless and free of embarrassment while also assuring you of accurate results. Results are available in a few business days.

Chlamydia rarely produces symptoms, which is why it often goes untreated in both men and women. However, if you experience unusual discharge, burning or itching at the penis tip (men), or irregular bleeding between periods (women), you should get tested. These symptoms are similar to those of gonorrhea, so simultaneous testing is highly encouraged. If you’re not concerned with a particular exposure, you should be tested annually for chlamydia and other STDs if you’re sexually active.


Our gonorrhea testing procedure analyzes whether or not gonorrhea bacteria are present in urine. This is one of the most accurate and common forms of testing for gonorrhea. The procedure requires only a small urine sample, making it painless and quick for you. Results are available in a few business days.

Gonorrhea’s symptoms are often similar to those of chlamydia, though both infections often lack symptoms for both men and women. Women may experience light cramping or abdominal pain, bleeding between menstrual cycles, pain while urinating or abnormal vaginal discharge. Men may also experience abnormal penile discharge or pain during urination, in addition to swollen or painful testicles.

Gonorrhea testing on an annual basis is encouraged for those who are sexually active.

Oral Herpes

We can test for oral herpes with a blood test, so you don’t have to undress for an exam or undergo any unpleasant swabbing. Results are typically available within a few days.

The primary symptom of oral herpes is red sores around the mouth. These sores are often painful. It’s also possible to be infected with oral herpes and not have any symptoms. Upon reviewing your results, you can talk with one of our STD Counselors about treatment options, if applicable.

Genital Herpes

Genital herpes can be tested through a blood sample, in the same way oral herpes is tested. Both tests are private and fast for your convenience. Results are usually available within a few days.

Genital herpes is characterized by red sores around the genitals, anus, or thighs. Like oral herpes, genital herpes may be asymptomatic. It’s also possible to mistake it for other conditions, so it’s important to get tested to find the best treatment.

Hepatitis B

Testing for Hepatitis B is typically a part of general STD testing, and can be done with a small blood sample. Results are usually available within a few days.

Hepatitis B often manifests itself through flu-like symptoms such as fatigue, nausea, abdominal pain, jaundice, fever, and joint pain. Other symptoms may also be present.

In addition to our convenient testing, we offer STD Counselors to discuss any potential diagnosis with you along with treatment options.

Hepatitis C

Testing for Hepatitis C is similar to the procedure for Hepatitis B. It involves taking a small blood sample to get you quick results. You’ll be able to access results within a few days.

In its early stages Hepatitis C often does not have symptoms. As it progresses, flu-like symptoms—such as nausea, fatigue, and fever—may emerge.

No matter your diagnosis, STD Counselors can talk with you about your test results to give you a better understanding of your health and potential risk factors.


Syphilis testing only takes a few minutes, making it convenient for you. Results are often available within a few days.

Syphilis symptoms vary depending on the stage of the disease. During the first stage, a small, painless sore forms at the site of infection. Because it is painless, and heals regardless of treatment, syphilis may go unnoticed at this stage. During the second stage, a red rash may form along with lesions, fever, and other symptoms. If left untreated, the symptoms of the first and second stages will disappear, though syphilis is still present and can reemerge years later resulting in a variety of potentially life-threatening symptoms. These latent stage symptoms include blindness, paralysis, and dementia. Fortunately, if caught early, syphilis is treatable through antibiotics such as penicillin.

As with other STDs, annual syphilis testing should be part of your sexual health plan if you’re sexually active. Like other STDs, syphilis can also be asymptomatic, so it’s important to keep up with routine checks to ensure your health.

HIV Test

HIV testing is a critical part of managing your health. We offer quick and private HIV testing, using just a small sample of blood. We value your time and privacy, so the exam can be done while you remain fully clothed. You’ll have access to your results within a few days.

HIV is often symptomless for a long time, so testing is the only accurate way to find out your HIV status. However, HIV can sometimes manifest itself in the early stages with flu-like symptoms, such as fatigue and nausea. If detected early, HIV can be manageable with treatment. As with all our STD testing, our counselors are prepared to help you explore your treatment options if you test positive.


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